Istanbul has been, throughout the centuries, the connection between East and West, a melting pot of cultures and religions.
The city does not represent Turkey: it stands on its own, a mix of different areas with very distinctive characters. You’ll see amazing mosques close to the Orthodox Patriarchate, and, side by side with veiled ladies, you’ll meet a new society, young, dynamic, with nightlife, art galleries cultural events and – as in major European capitals – frenetic street life
Not easy to decide where and on what our attention will go. Too many choices! Working on the contrast, or choosing a specific aspect and concentrate on it? In both cases there is large offer of topics, and people of Istanbul will help you discovering it, proud as they re of their city.
We will explore the classic venues, such as : Sultanhamet, the Grand Bazaar, the Golden Horn, Galata and Taksim, where you’ll find different aspects of daily life.
And this is not enough: add a creative and modern creative music scene, amazing traditional cuisine together with fusion experiments, art and design from traditional Turkish style to more contemporary creation, and 24/7 daily life activity that will keep you with your eyes open in marvel!
Whenever we organize a workshop in a big city, it’s not easy to know in advance where we will focus, with so many new inputs popping up in your mind. You start with a subject, and then you get distracted (or fascinated) by another one, and then another one arrives …our curiosity is contagious and you want to know and see and photograph more.
In Istanbul two major cultures live and coexists side by side, collide, give birth to new inspiration. Two continents, one in front of the other, separated by a thin strip of water…
We can follow people and compose perfect portraits, concentrate on colours, street-life, food.
More than a street-photography workshop, we should call this a life-photography workshop, immerse in the intense daily life of Istanbul.
This workshop is for people who have never been there, but always dreamed of going, and for more tenacious travelers who have already been, and want to know more.
One thing is for sure: you will not get bored, while walking the winding streets of Istanbul!
We will be staying in a small hotel in the Sultanhamet area.
From there we will be able to explore all the other areas of the city.
Try to keep your equipment to a minimum: you don’t want to spend the day carrying expensive gear. Our suggestion, during this street life workshop, is to carry one camera- one lens – preferable a wide angle or a small zoom. You can keep another longer lens in the bag if you think you’ll need. At the hotel, you will have another camera, to use as spare in case you need it, and memory cards, batteries, chargers, pen drive, an external hard disk to store your photos, together with your laptop that you will use to edit your photographs before submitting to the daily critiques.
We will have a local assistant to help you and tell you where to go and, mainly, where NOT TO GO!! Istanbul is pretty safe.

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