Acts Of Faith: Spirituality Gestures And Celebrations

With this book, a final selection of photos from a twenty years long project on prayer through major religions, already published in several books and stories, I feel like I'm completing my "retrospective trilogy" on my most productive years.

This gallery of images is the end result of a twenty-year-long project that has led to the publication of six books and several photograph exhibitions. You won’t find captions describing where or when the photos were taken or the particular religion featured. This long period of research has reinforced my conviction that faith, both individual and collective, meets a need shared by all humanity. The precepts, rituals and prayers differ but the deep roots they share reveal more similarities than differences. If we want to find meaning in the chaos, we might start with individual prayer, where the most profound spirituality seeks answers and consolation, and culminate in collective celebrations, where belief becomes a symbol, an event or a sharing of values. It is these similarities between the faiths, manifested in the similar gestures used across different religions, that led me to explore different beliefs, places and symbols.

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